Extra Small Lash Lift Shields

Before you use Extra Small Lash Lift Shields on your clients, you should understand the size of their lashes. Medium and small shields are appropriate for clients with natural lashes around 8mm to 11mm in length. Most clients want dramatic results, and smaller shield sizes will deliver this. When in doubt, discuss the size of the shield with your clients and choose the right one based on their natural lashes. Then, apply the shield to their lashes and enjoy the results.
extra small lash lift shieldAlternatively, you can use a shield made from medical-grade silicone. These shields are made from a soft silicone material and are ideal for tightening loose eyelid skin. Once you have determined which one suits you best, try practicing with your friends. This will ensure that you apply it correctly the first time. You can also use a micropore tape to hold the shield in place while you’re lifting your client’s lashes.
Aside from the size, choosing the right shape of the shield is important for a perfect lift. Too large a shield can cause the lashes to curl back and won’t produce the desired results. Too small a shield can also result in the lashes being too distorted and won’t lift properly. The ideal shield size should fit the client’s natural lashes perfectly on the shield. The length of the natural lashes will determine the ideal size of the shield for the best results.
Regardless of the size of your lash lift shield, it’s crucial to match it to the size of your client’s lashes. You don’t want to make them look overly permed! That’s why choosing the right size is important. By following these tips, you can ensure that you’re getting the perfect lift and curl on your clients’ lashes. After all, it’s only fair – you want to look your best in front of a mirror! So get yourself a lash lift shield that suits you.
Besides being a staple in your lash lift kit, extra small lash lift shields are an essential addition to the procedure. They’ll make it a breeze to style and shape your clients’ lashes while helping you achieve the perfect lash look. There are so many benefits to using lash lift shields, but how to choose the best one is up to you! Thankfully, there are now shields designed specifically for different eye shapes and the perfect length!
During the procedure, you should be aware of the reasons why your client’s lashes don’t lift properly. First, your client’s lashes may be too wet, which prevents the product from breaking down the bonds that hold the natural shape of the lash. Also, your client may have had a previous lash lift treatment or a previous lash lift/perm treatment. If you used a too-small shield, you’ll have to wait for the lift to drop naturally.
While both rods and shields can add a curl, rods provide a more subtle lift. Choose the rods and shields that match the length and shape of your client’s lashes. These lash lift shields create a curl similar to an L curl or a “C” curl. You can also choose the size of the shields to give your client the desired effect. Aside from being able to make a great effect on your clients’ lashes, these lash lift shields can be a great way to add some drama to their lashes.
If you use a silicone pad to lift your eyelashes, be sure to apply the perming solution first. This will help keep the lashes strong and resilient. In addition, the silicone rods are matched to the shape and size of the eye. If the silicone rods are not matched to the shape of the eyelids, the effect will be completely different. If you use the wrong size of silicone rod, your eyelashes will be too short, so you may need to use a larger pad.